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Our Team

Learn about the management personnel leading and growing UPC Supply Chain today.!

Patrick Shamus, C00 & CT0 UPC Express Supply Chain Main Branch

Patrick is responsible for driving the global growth agenda of UPC Supply Chain. Joining UPC in 1992, Patrick has held various roles in Marketing, Solutions Design, Operations, Account Management and Business Development. Patrick was CEO of the Americas for the UPC division of Williams Lea.

Javier Diallo, CEO, Latin America, UPC Supply Chain

Javier is a member of the UPC Supply Chain Divisional Board and Global Transport Lead for UPC Supply Chain. He is responsible for more than 22,000 associates across 11 countries including Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, India and Mexico. Javier joined UPC in 2000, starting in the audit department.

Hendrik Vladmir, CEO Europe, Middle East and Africa, UPC Supply Chain

Hendrik provides leadership to employees across 25 countries, using more than 20 years’ experience in logistics. He was previously CEO for Central & Eastern Europe based in Poland. Before moving to Europe in 2013, he held senior supply chain positions in South Africa.

Terry Morgan, CEO Asia Pacific, UPC Supply Chain

Terry has responsibility for accelerating profitable growth, delivering world-class supply chain solutions and leading more than 30,000 employees in 12 countries in Asia Pacific, overseeing operations across multiple sectors. Key achievements: launching a ‘start-up’ logistics enterprise in Australia.